Kayhan Kalhor and His Beautiful Compositions

Leyla Shams
April 14, 2011

If you listened to lesson six, you heard our exercise of counting from one through ten set to some beautiful rhythmic background music. The background music was composed by none other than Kayhan Kalhor, a world renowned Persian classical musician, specializing in the Persian instrument, kamanche.

Two weeks ago on Public Radio Interntional's program, The World, there was a story about an Iranian-American musician who learned to play the kamanche by watching videos of Kalhor playing on YouTube, pointing out how with the internet, we don't have to be in direct contact with the source or in any particular location to learn from the best.

Learn more about Kalhor and the kamanche by reading or listening to the story here. Also, here are a couple of clips of Kalhor and the kamanche. Enjoy!