What is Chai and Conversation?

Chai and Conversation is a different kind of Persian (also known as Farsi) learning program. In fact, we are the only resource available that teaches conversational Persian (rather than the formal stuff, which people don't use in everyday speaking). In addition, we have a brand new reading and writing program that teaches you to read and write Persian script. If you’re looking for a fun, quick, and easy way to start speaking and/or reading and writing the Persian language, this course is for you!


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Unit 6

Speak Persian

Through our series of audio lessons, we navigate the Persian (Farsi) language from complete beginner level to competent conversational level. In the lessons, your host Leyla teaches the Persian language to Matt, a total beginner. You learn along with him, learning from his mistakes and questions, and having a wonderful time along the way.

The full course is divided into 6 core units of 10 lessons each. Each unit has a different theme focused on getting you to learn the language more efficiently.

And, even complete beginners can also enjoy our Unit 7 poetry series, where we learn modern and classic Persian poetry. These lessons are a wonderful way to learn more about the Persian culture, and to learn many words and phrases you can use in Persian conversation.

Read and Write Persian

Through our series of videos, we introduce you to Persian script and teach you to read and write in the Persian language. The videos are accompanied by PDF Guides that are easy to understand and provide plenty of reading and writing exercises!

What is Membership?

Our audio lessons are always free, but to get the most out of our programs, you can become a member. With your membership, you receive much more:

Memberships: Free Speak Read & Write All Access
70+ Audio Speaking Lessons
70+ Enhanced Audio Speaking Lessons
Speaking Lesson Guides - Both Online and Printable
Full Transcripts for Every Speaking Lesson
Audio Vocabulary Lists
Reading & Writing Videos
Reading & Writing PDF Lesson Guides and Exercises
Audio Lessons

70+ Enhanced Audio Lessons

In addition to our high-quality audio lessons in the podcast, you'll have access to Enhanced versions of every lesson, showing you vocabulary flash cards as different words are covered in the lesson.

Lesson Guides

Lesson Guides and Transcripts

Every lesson includes a comprehensive guide with all vocabulary written in both phonetic English and Persian script. Lesson guides also include bonus vocabulary and exercises where appropriate.

Audio Vocabulary Lists

Audio Vocabulary Lists

Listen to each word learned in the lesson as an audio clip spoken by a native speaker. The list can also be used to test your pronunciation and understanding of the words.

How Do I Sign Up?

We offer 30 days of membership for free so that you can check out everything we have to offer. If you decide it's not for you, no worries, cancel at any time. If you love our program (you will!), your membership will continue at the end of your free period.

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