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Learn to Speak the Persian Language

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Our Speak Persian course does exactly that—teach you to actually speak the Persian language the way Iranians do in conversation! Over the course of 90 + audio lessons, you go from being a complete beginner in the Persian language to understanding what others are saying and confidently responding as well.

A bit more on our lessons:

  • We teach conversational Persian, not the formal, written version taught in most courses
  • Go from not knowing a word to being able to understand and speak with our bite sized lessons
  • Study at your own pace — each audio lesson is about 15-20 minutes each, and includes study material to help you absorb the information
  • You don’t need to be able to read and write Persian to understand the lessons- we include English phonetic spellings of all the words we learn in the study guides

If this is you…

I can't understand a word my in-laws are saying
I grew up with Iranian parents but they didn't teach me how to speak the language
I can understand some Persian, but I'm not confident enough to speak it
…then this course is perfect for you!

What’s Included

90+ audio lessons: Follow along as your host Leyla teaches the Persian language Matt, a total beginner that just married into a Persian speaking family. You learn along with him, learning from his mistakes and questions
Printable Lesson Guides and Transcripts: Each lesson includes a comprehensive guide with all vocabulary written in both phonetic English and Persian script- so you don’t have to be able to read and write Persian to learn to speak!
Audio Vocabulary Lists: Each lesson includes a vocabulary list where you can click and listen to each of the words being read by a native speaker individually. The list can also be used to test your pronunciation and understanding of the words.
Learn from anywhere and at your own pace: Once you’re a member you have full access to all the learning materials we’ve ever created- listen to one lesson a week (they’re only 15-20 minutes each) or more if you’re in a hurry. Our mobile friendly website also makes it easy to learn wherever you are, whether seated at a desk, or on the go.
Track Your Progress: Through our member portal, you’ll be able to mark lessons as complete and get suggestions on how to further your learning as you go through the program

The Core Units

Unit 1
Unit 1
Beginner, Part 1

In this unit, you’ll learn the basics of conversational Persian. We throw you right into the language, with basic words you need to know to get started. Quickly be able to understand and communicate in a conversational manner, and converse about topics that are frequently brought up in casual conversation.

Unit 2
Unit 2
Beginner, Part 2

In this unit, we continue our conversational Persian journey. We learn a bit more advanced conversation. After completing this unit, you’ll be surprised as how much basic Persian you’ll be able to understand. We also continue to talk about Persian culture, and why Persians talk about the things they talk about.

Unit 3
Unit 3
The Grammar Series

In this unit, we learn about the ‘why.’ We didn’t learn grammar to begin with because language is all about communicating. In this unit, you’ll learn the mechanics behind the language- now the rules will make more sense. We’ll go over verb conjugations, sentence structures, and other topics of language learning interest.

Unit 4
Unit 4
The Dialogue Series

Now, we put the conversation and the grammar together in a series of dialogues between Leyla and native speakers of Persian. In this series, you’ll learn words and phrases frequently used by Persian speakers, and test your knowledge of the language. This is where it all comes together.

Unit 5
Unit 5
Intermediate Conversation and Grammar

In this unit, we take our speaking to the next level. We learn more topics of conversational discussion, and also learn the grammar behind more advanced speaking.

Unit 6
Unit 6

In this unit, we explore listener’s cultural questions, and that vocabulary that is associated with different cultural topics.

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Read/Write Persian

Read/Write Persian

Also interested in reading and writing in Persian? It’s a great way to take your langauge learning journey to the next level, and helps open many doors to you. We offer a full course on how to learn that too!

Check out Read/Write Persian
Persian Poetry


Even complete beginners can also enjoy our Poetry Series, where we learn modern and classic Persian poetry. These lessons are a wonderful way to learn more about the Persian culture, and to learn many words and phrases you can use in Persian conversation.

Check out Persian Poetry

What do our students say about the speak program?

We’ve had great feedback…

I am an American of Arab origin. I always had a lot of Iranian friends and wished I could speak their language. Seven years ago, I visited Iran and fell in love with the culture so deeply that I decided to start learning the language. I tried everything: Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone and others. But Leyla's podcasts of conversations with her family and friends just got me over the hump. I took it from there and continued a long path towards perfecting my Farsi. Along the way I made new lifetime friends and got to know the Persian culture at an even deeper level. I can proudly say today that I am a fluent speaker of Farsi.


My name is Ella and I have fallen in love with your lessons. I’m 21 years old and i am from northern Virginia/DC area. My boyfriend and family are all from Iran and came here to America about 6 years ago. i’ve been trying to learn farsi through some apps, rosetta stone, etc. but nothing had made it as easy as your videos and podcast.


I am an academic at the University of Warwick in the UK. I teach French and my research is on French perceptions of Persia in the early modern period (I co-edited a book on Iran and the West). Learning the Persian language is a logical fit with my research and teaching. I was really impressed by the material you have created and I love how you have put culture at the heart of language learning. This strongly resonates with my French identity: French are intensely proud of their culture and language, and I love how the Iranians feel the same about theirs.


You can learn Persian with us right now!

We make learning the Persian language fun, accessible and most importantly, ACHIEVABLE! No matter where you are on your Persian learning journey—join us!