R.I.P. Legendary Designer Bijan

Leyla Shams
April 17, 2011

The legendary Beverly Hills designer known simply as Bijan died today at the age of 67. He owned what was known as 'the most expensive store in the world' on Beverly Hills drive, a store open by appointment only. In his many years as a fashion designer in the United States, designed clothes for some of the most powerful men in the world (including Barack Obama and several other sitting presidents).

He was known to many Iranians as one of the first Iranian-Americans to strike it big in the United States. He opened his store on Beverly Hills in 1976 and almost immediately became an international success. I remember as a young immigrant to the United States, every time I would see 'Bijan' perfume in stores, I would point it out, get excited, and have that vague feeling that the "American Dream" was possible. R.I.P. Bijan, you will be missed.