Learn Persian tābestoon Word of the Day - Review of Week 1

Leyla Shams
June 23, 2017

Welcome to our new Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation tābestoon (summer) Word of the Day series! In this series of short videos, we're going to learn one vocabulary day each day of the week in the summer. On Fridays, we'll provide a summary of the words we've learned in a video and here on the website blog. Please leave any words you'd like to learn in the comments- here at Chai and Conversation, we LOVE summer, and are excited to share these words with you!

1. tābestoon - Summer

2. khorsheed - Sun

3. Review!

In the review, we learned a few extra words associated with the words we learned this week:

summer - tābestoon
the season (of) summer - faslé tābestooné
it's finally summer - belakharé tabestooné
season - fasl
finally - belakharé

Here's a link to an example of 'khorsheed khānoom'- http://www.pwi.org.uk/Images/khorshid%20khanoom%201-rev.jpg