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How to Celebrate chāhar shanbé sooree

Leyla Shams
March 19, 2019

Are you ready to jump over some fire tonight?

Norooz (Persian new years) is tomorrow! So tonight is the chahar shanbe sooree celebration, which falls on the last Tuesday night before the spring equinox.

Things to do tonight:

  1. Make a giant fire in a safe location (it actually doesn't have to be giant, just big enough that you can jump over it).
  2. Think about all the past year's resentments, regrets, unfinished business
  3. Jump over the fire and purge yourself of all the negativity of the past year.
  4. Let the fire rejuvenate and renew your spirit. Replace all the negativity with the positive vitality and rigor of the fire.
  5. If you have any physical ailments or sickness from the past year, give these to the fire as well- let the fire heal you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  6. Say the phrase: sorkheeyé man az tō, zardeeyé tō az man. Meaning, I give you, fire, my yellowness (my sickness, negativity, etc), you give me you redness (health, vitality, passion, etc.)

And that's it! Remember, after tomorrow, day and night will become equal and after that, the light will prevail and become longer still.