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Leyla Shams
May 28, 2019

Summer has started in the northern hemisphere, which means long, lazy, fun days filled with… learning Persian?! This summer, we thought we’d try something a little different. We received an email from a listener asking for tips on how to do a ‘summer intensive’ course, to go through the lessons of Chai and Conversation at a faster pace than if learning during the busier times of the year. We thought this might be a brilliant thing for all Chai and Conversation members to do together.

So, beginning Monday, June 3rd, we are going to start a Chai and Conversation Summer Intensive series for those who’d like to join us! It's free to sign up. By signing up, you’ll receive two emails a week that will take your Persian learning to the next level! We’ll send you a list of actions to take, reading to do, and a snippet of Persian poetry to get you through the week, and a summer-y song to listen to. The summer intensive will run for 10 weeks, and by the end, your language skills and knowledge of the culture will be at a new level! In addition, we will have posts in our special secret Chai and Conversation group just for summer intensive participants- a big part of language learning is about community, so this community will help encourage your learning!

Summer intensive group members will also receive some special learning materials and downloads not available to other members of Chai and Conversation!

The join the Summer Intensive, simply sign up using the form below, and wait for the first email to arrive on June 3rd! You must be signed up by June 3rd to join us, as these instructions will not be available anywhere except for through the email series.



Who should join the Summer Intensive?

This course is geared towards people who are just starting out their journey with the Persian language, or have fallen off their language learning journey and need a refresher course. We will be starting with lesson 1 of Chai and Conversation, and encouraging members to go through the lessons at a quick pace. By the end of the intensive, you will have completed two units of the Chai and Conversation course. However, if you’ve already been through many lessons of Chai and Conversation, this series might still be interesting to sign up for, especially for the mantra of the week and song of the week.

How much time will the Summer Intensive take?

Ideally, if you follow along with the Summer Intensive, you will be studying Persian every day. Again, the goal is to get through the basics of the Persian language more quickly than during other times of the year, and to be learning with a whole community of people that will keep you motivated! The intensive will occur over 10 weeks.

Do I have to be a member to sign up?

To do the Summer Intensive, we encourage you to sign up for a membership to Chai and Conversation. While our audio lessons are always free, many of the resources we will use for the Summer Intensive will come from the Chai and Conversation bonus materials. Remember, the first 30 days of your membership are free!