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Growing Up Irooni- Big Love Fierce Juju on openly discussing uncomfortable topics as an OBGYN

Leyla Shams
June 08, 2022

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany is an OBGYN better known as Big Love Fierce Juju on instagram, where she posts daily videos about topics like pregnancy, female hormones, stds, really all that good stuff that doesn’t often gets talked about openly. She’s recently the co creator of Tribe Called V, an online program made to ‘increase our knowledge to decrease our anxiety’ about pregnancy and childbirth. 

Shieva’s parents moved to the United States before the revolution and both worked as doctors in Massachusetts. Despite this, her path to becoming a doctor wasn’t necessarily a straightforward one- compared to her sister, she describes herself as the ‘wayward daughter’ who took a while to figure out her path, and her work now really marries her interests in engagement, community, creativity AND the practice of medicine. It’s a fascinating path- listen to her describe her journey in her own words.

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