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Growing Up Irooni: Samira Mohyeddin

Leyla Shams
September 08, 2023

In this episode, we dive into an enriching conversation with Samira Mohieddin, discussing her experiences growing up in a Persian family that migrated to Canada. We unpack the challenges and dynamics of navigating multiple cultures, languages, and political climates.




  • Samira reflects on her sudden rise in Instagram followers and the oddity of newfound attention.
  • A mention of Ari's project, Water Well, and its resonance post-George Floyd protests.
  • Samira shares her early life in Tehran and the subsequent move to Canada when she was just four years old. The move was prompted not by choice but by necessity due to political upheavals.
  • We learn about the initial struggles of adapting to a new country, including linguistic hurdles. Her family was a blend of French, English, and Persian speakers.
  • Samira candidly discusses her experiences in Persian school, a journey filled with mischief, laughter, and some rebellious moments.
  • A poignant memory of the aftermath of the Iran hostage crisis is recounted, showcasing the profound impact of geopolitics on immigrant families.

This episode offers a deep dive into the lived experience of an Iranian-Canadian, illustrating the power of personal stories in bridging cultural gaps and dispelling misunderstandings. Join us for an intimate journey of laughter, nostalgia, and reflection.


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