2021 New Years Persian Boot Camp

Leyla Shams
December 28, 2020


Starting is always the hardest part. You've tried and tried to pick up the Persian langauge, haven't had the right resources, haven't had the time, haven't had the energy- but now all that changes. Let's do an intensive boot camp, and start learning the Persian language together. Getting started is the HARDEST PART- we'll give you the motivation and instruction you need to get started, and you can take it from there! You'll be having conversations in the Persian language in no time!

This year, we have two different levels in our New Years Persian boot camp, complete beginner, and not so beginner. Here's how to choose:

- Complete beginner boot camp: If you're starting from scratch, the basics, the fundamentals

- Not so beginner boot camp: If you've tried to learn before, know a few words here and there, maybe grew up hearing it but need a boost. (If you have doubts, sign up for this one- don't worry, we'll hold your hand throughout the whole thing!).

Either one you choose- we look forward to having you join us, and 2021- WE'VE GOT THIS!