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Growing Up Irooni- Arian Moayed on doing the Good Work for over 20 years

Leyla Shams
June 08, 2023

Delighted to introduce the next episode of our podcast where I had the privilege to engage in an energizing conversation with Arian Moayed - an Emmy award-nominated actor, passionate thespian, and charismatic influencer of the Iranian diaspora. Arian has been enchanting audiences in shows such as Succession, Love Life, Inventing Anna, and the recent Ms. Marvel series. His inspiring journey, spanning over two decades, has seen him assume diverse roles across platforms.

However, what truly sets Arian apart is his passion for theatre as a catalyst for positive change and his commitment to the Iranian diaspora. His dedicated efforts are beautifully exemplified in his project, Waterwell Theater. During our conversation, I discovered a shared mantra that underpins our work - Arian's for Waterwell Theater and mine for Chai and Conversation. 

Arian is so much more than an actor. He embodies an innovative spirit and uses his platform to inspire and create change. You'll hear in this conversation how seamlessly he transitions between discussing his illustrious acting career and his deeper mission to bring about societal evolution through the power of theatre. Arian's journey is a testament to his belief in his work and how this belief manifests in his success. 

Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did: 

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