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Growing Up Irooni: Marjan Kamali

Leyla Shams
June 21, 2023

I am thrilled to announce the newest episode of our podcast, Growing Up Irooni. As many of you know, my goal with these podcasts is to explore a myriad of experiences, narratives, and perspectives within the Iranian community. This week, we have an exceptional guest whose work has profoundly moved readers across the globe: Marjan Kamali, the award-winning author of "The Stationery Shop."

What sets "The Stationery Shop" apart is its unique historical context. Rather than revisiting the much-discussed 1979 revolution, Kamali takes us back to the 1953 coup in Iran. Her narrative explores the lives of two lovers whose destiny was perhaps forever altered by this tumultuous period in history. This historical event was a significant turning point in Iran's history, and Kamali beautifully illustrates how the events of 1953 created a profound loss of hope from which Iran has yet to recover.

In this latest episode of Growing Up Irooni, I am excited to share my conversation with Marjan Kamali. We delve deep into the inspiration for her novel, her thoughts on the current state of affairs in Iran, and her predictions about where Iran is heading. Listen now to my enlightening conversation with Marjan Kamali and immerse yourself in the beauty, complexity, and the sorrow of Iran's history through the eyes of a master storyteller.

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