Growing Up Irooni: Arya Shahi

Leyla Shams
September 27, 2023

I am so excited to share with you my interview with Arya Shahi, author of the fantastic new debut novel, An Impossible Thing to Say. It’s coming out this week, September 26th 2023, so no matter when you’re listening to this interview, please drop everything and go buy it- you will love it.

So as a brief introduction, Arya Shahi is an Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist. He is a co-founder of PigPen Theatre Co., the award-winning theatre company and band. With PigPen, Arya has written, directed, and performed in original musicals as well as books adapted for stage. Arya’s debut novel, An Impossible Thing To Say, has been published by HarperCollins and Arya will direct the Pulitzer Prize-winning English at The Old Globe in early 2024.

We actually ended up recording this interview on September 11th, which is interesting because September 11th was a big part of this novel. I had been looking forward to talking to Arya for a long time, and our conversation did not disappoint- we could have talked for hours more. He is really an ideal guest for this podcast, and talked about so many of the issues I hear from a lot of you about all the time. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!