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Persian (phonetic) English Appears In
zan: gojé farangee dāreem, gooshté charkh kardé dāreem, va peeyāz dāreem. We have a tomato, ground beef, and onions. A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight
zan: man ghazāyé cheenee doost nadaram. ghazāyé itāleeyāyee beeshtar doost dāram. I don't like Chinese food. I like Italian food more. A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight
zan: masalan kojā? Like where? A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight
zānoo knee Parts of the Body (Vocabulary Sprint)
zānoo knee More About Pain and Illness
zānoom dard meekoné my hand/arm hurts More About Pain and Illness
zan: sabr kon bebeenam. hmm, benazar meeyād too cinemā-hā filmé jālebee neest. Let me see. It seems there aren't good movies in the cinema. A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight
zarāfé giraffe Animals (Vocabulary Sprint)
zarchoobé turmeric Persian Food
zard yellow How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors), Colors (Vocabulary Sprint)
zardeeyé man az tō, sorkheeyé tō az man my yellowness to you, your redness to me Nowruz (Vocabulary Sprint)
zarf shoowee kitchen sink House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
zāyeedan to give birth Babies
zāyemān giving birth Babies
zāyeshgāh the place of giving birth Babies
of Khayyam - khosh bāsh, Part 2
zeebā beautiful How to Talk About Love and Friendship
zeeré under Prepositions
zeerzameen basement House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
zemestoon winter Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint), More Numbers, and the Months, Days and Seasons