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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
zané khod their thoughts ظَنِ خود beshnō een nay: Rumi's beshnō een nay Part 4
zané man my wife زَنِ مَن The Concept of "ezāfé"
zangé een bālāyeeyé mā rā bezaneed tap our buzzer up here زَنگِ این بالاییِ ما را بِزَنید A Separation, Part 1
zānoo knee زانو More About Pain and Illness, Parts of the Body (Vocabulary Sprint)
zānoom dard meekoné my knee hurts زانوم درد می‌کنه. More About Pain and Illness
zarāfé giraffe زَرافِه Animals (Vocabulary Sprint)
zar-andoozee the act of collecting gold زَر‌اَندوزی payāmé naseem: Hafez's payāmé naseem Part 3
zarchoobé turmeric زَردچوبِه Persian Food
zard yellow زَرد How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors), Colors (Vocabulary Sprint)
zardeeyé man az tō, sorkheeyé tō az man my yellowness to you, your redness to me زَردی مَن اَز تو، سُرخیِ تو اَز مَن Nowruz (Vocabulary Sprint)
zarf shoowee kitchen sink ظَرف شویی House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
zāyeedan to give birth زاییدن Babies
zāyemān giving birth زایمان Babies
zāyeshgāh the place of giving birth زایشگاه Babies
z'é from, of زِ shād zee: Rudaki's shād zee Part 2
from زِ payāmé naseem: Hafez's payāmé naseem Part 2
of زِ khosh bāsh: Omar Khayyam's khosh bāsh Part 2
z'é āmadé of the future زِ آمَدِه shād zee: Rudaki's shād zee Part 2
zee live! زی shād zee: Rudaki's shād zee Part 2
zeebā beautiful زیبا How to Talk About Love and Friendship