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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
bāsham (I) be باشَم Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāshan (they) be باشَن Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāshé ok باشِه How to Host or Be Hosted (especially when it involves chai)
bāshé (he/she) be باشِه Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāshee (you informal) be باشی Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāsheem (we) be باشیم Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāsheen (you formal) be باشین Subjunctive To Have and To Be
basketbāll basketball Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
bastam I closed بستم raz: Ahmad Shamlou's raz Part 3
basté shodan to become closed بَستِه شُدَن Compound Verbs
bāyad must/should بایَد Talking about Wants and Possibilities, dar golestané: Sohrab Sepehri's dar golestané Part 2
bāyad must بایَد deevané shō: Rumi's deevané shō Part 5
bāyad chāi bekhoram I have to drink tea بایَد چای بِخورَم Talking about Wants and Possibilities
bāyad māsheen dāshté bāsham I have to have a car بایَد ماشین داشتِه باشَم Subjunctive To Have and To Be
bāyad yavāsh yavāsh beram I must start slowly leaving بایَد یَواش یَواش بِرَم How to Talk More About Food and Specific Persian Meals
bāz again باز beshnō een nay: Rumi's beshnō een nay Part 3
bāzār bazaar بازار How to Talk About Places Around Town, and Possession
bāzeekon players Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
bāzi kard he/she played بازی کَرد Compound Verbs
bāzi kardan to play بازی کَردَن Compound Verbs