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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
tō meekhāi beree you want to go (informal) تو می‌خوای بری Talking about Wants and Possibilities
(tō) meekhoree You eat (informal) (تو) می‌خوری Review of Unit 3
(tō) meekonee You do (تو) می‌کنی Present Continuous Tense
(tō) meeree You know (تو) می‌‌ری Present Continuous Tense
tō meetoonee you can (informal) تو می‌تونی The Simple Subjunctive
tō meetoonee āvāz bekhoonee you can sing تو می‌‌تونی آواز بخونی The Simple Subjunctive
tō meeyāree you bring (informal) تو می‌اری The Simple Subjunctive
tō meezāree you put (informal) تو میذاری The Simple Subjunctive
(tō) mo’alem hastee. You are a teacher. (informal) مُعَلِِم هَستی. How to Talk About Your Job and Where You Work
(tō) nadāree You don’t have (تو) نداری The verb ‘To Have’
(tō) nakhordee You didn’t eat (informal) (تو) نخوردی Review of Unit 3
(tō) naraftee You didn’t go (تو) نرفتی The Simple Past Tense
(tō) nārāhat shodee You became unhappy (تو) ناراحت شدی Compound Verbs
(tō) neestee You are not (تو) نیستی The verb ‘To Have’
(tō) nemeedoonee You don’t know (تو) نمی‌دونی Present Continuous Tense
tō nemeekhāy beree you don’t want to go تو نمی‌خوای بری Talking about Wants and Possibilities
(tō) nemeesheenee You don’t sit (تو) نمی‌‌شینی Present Continuous Tense
(too) in تو Prepositions
too in تو raz: Ahmad Shamlou's raz Part 2
too ghooree chāi hast? is there tea in the kettle? تو قوری چای هست؟ How to Discuss Breakfast