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Persian (phonetic) English Appears In
vakht time Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint)
vālā truthfully Review of Unit 2
vali but How to Say Where You Live, and Answer Simple Questions, The Simple Past Tense
vali oon morghé zard ghashangtar-é But that yellow chicken is nicer looking How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors)
va man sā’até hasht sobhāné meekohram and I eat breakfast at 8 How to Talk About Daily Routines
vān bath House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
va natarseedeem and we were not afraid Forough Farrokhzad - Fathé Bagh, Part 2
varzesh exercise Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
varzeshé goroohee team sports Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
varzeshé tak nafaré individual sport Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
va sameemeeyaté tanhāmān dar tarāree and the intimacy of our bodies in playfulness Forough Farrokhzad - Fathé Bagh, Part 4
va sameemeeyaté tan hāman, dar tarāree va derakhsheedané oryāneemān meslé falsé māheehā dar āb sokhan az zendegeeyé noghreyeeyé and the intimacy of our bodies, and the glow of our nakedness, like fish scales in the water. I am talking about the silvery life of a song which a small fountain sings at dawn Forough Farrokhzad - Fathe Bagh, Part 1
vasaté hafté middle of the week How to Talk About Daily Routines, More about Daily Routines, Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint)
vasaté hafté kār meekonam In the middle of the week, I work How to Talk About Daily Routines, More about Daily Routines
vasaté shahr center of town How to Talk About Places Around Town, and Possession
va sedāyash hamchon neyzeyé kootāhee, pahnāyé ofogh rā paymood khabaré mā rā bā khod khāhad bord bé shahr and the sound of which traversed the breadth of the horizon like a short spear will carry the news of us to the city Forough Farrokhzad - Fathe Bagh, Part 1
vaseeleyé naghleeyé transportation Transportation (Vocabulary Sprint)
va shanbé raftam pārk and Saturday I went to the park The Simple Past Tense
va shomā? and you? (formal) How to Introduce Where You are From, and Introducing the Different forms of You
vasl joining Rumi - Beshnō een nay, Part 3