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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
(shomā) meekhāyn khoshhāl bāsheen You want to be happy (شُما) می‌خواین خوشحال باشین Subjunctive To Have and To Be
(shomā) meekhoreen You eat (formal) (شُما) میخورین Review of Unit 3
(shomā) meekoneen You (all) do (شُما) می‌کُنین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) meereen You (all) go (شُما) می‌‌رین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) meetooneen you can (formal) (شُما) می‌تونین The Simple Subjunctive
(shomā) meetooneen khoshhāl bāsheen You can be happy (شُما) می‌تونین خوشحال باشین Subjunctive To Have and To Be
(shomā) meeyāreen you bring (formal) (شُما) می‌‌ارین The Simple Subjunctive
(shomā) meezāreen you put (formal) (شُما) می‌ذارین The Simple Subjunctive
(shomā) mo’alem hasteen. You are a teacher. (formal) (شُما) مُعَلِم هستین. How to Talk About Your Job and Where You Work
(shomā) mo’alem hasteen? Are you a teacher? (formal) (شُما) مُعَلِم هَستین؟ How to Talk About Your Job and Where You Work
(shomā) nadāreen You (all) don’t have (شُما) نَدارین The verb ‘To Have’
(shomā) nakhordeen You don’t eat (formal) (شُما) نَخوردین Review of Unit 3
(shomā) narafteen You (all) didn’t go (شُما) نَرَفتین The Simple Past Tense
(shomā) nārāhat shodeen You (all) became unhappy (شُما) ناراحَت شُدین Compound Verbs
(shomā) neesteen You are not (شُما) نیستین The verb ‘To Have’
(shomā) nemeedooneen You (all) don’t know (شُما) نِمی‌دونین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) nemeesheeneen You (all) don’t sit (شُما) نِمی‌‌شینین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) rafteen You (all) went (شُما) رَفتین The Simple Past Tense
shomāré telephon phone number شُمارِه تِلِفُن Subjunctive To Have and To Be
(shomā) shenā meekoneen You (all) swim (شُما) شِنا می‌کُنین Present Continuous Tense