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Persian (phonetic) English Appears In
yek pesar one son How to Talk More About Your Family, and How to Count to Ten
yekshambé Sunday Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint)
yek shanbé Sunday More Numbers, and the Months, Days and Seasons
yek shanbé-hā mad men tamāshā meekonam On Sundays, I watch Mad Men Present Continuous Tense
yé pesar a son/one son How to Talk More About Your Family, and How to Count to Ten
zaboon tongue Parts of the Body (Vocabulary Sprint)
zafarān saffron Persian Food
zafaroon saffron Persian Food
zahmatee neest it's no trouble Introducing 'Ta'arof'
zahmat kam koneem Let's lift the burden. The Etiquette of Being Hosted
zahmat nakesh don't go through trouble Introducing 'Ta'arof', Navigating 'Tā'arof' in Different Social Situations
zamān zamān Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint)
zameen floor House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
zan woman Rumi - Beshnō een nay, Part 2
zan wife (literally woman) How to Talk About Your Family, and Introduce Their Names, Families (Vocabulary Sprint)
zan thoughts Rumi - Beshnō een nay, Part 4
zan: āhā, een ham fekré khoobeeyé- chee dorost bokoneem? Ah, that's a good idea too- what should we make? A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight
zanam chāhār māh hāmelast my wife is four months pregnant Babies
zanam hāmelast my wife is pregnant Babies
zan: bāshé, espāghetti! meetooneem yek feelmé italiyayee ham kerāyé-bokoneem va hameen jā , too khooné negāh bokoneem! Ok, spaghetti! We can rent an Italian movie and watch it here at home. A Dialogue About What We Should Do Tonight