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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
(shomā) nārāhat shodeen You (all) became unhappy (شُما) ناراحَت شُدین Compound Verbs
(shomā) neesteen You are not (شُما) نیستین The verb ‘To Have’
(shomā) nemeedooneen You (all) don’t know (شُما) نِمی‌دونین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) nemeesheeneen You (all) don’t sit (شُما) نِمی‌‌شینین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) rafteen You (all) went (شُما) رَفتین The Simple Past Tense
shomāré telephon phone number شُمارِه تِلِفُن Subjunctive To Have and To Be
(shomā) shenā meekoneen You (all) swim (شُما) شِنا می‌کُنین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) shodeen You (all) became (شُما) شُدین Compound Verbs
(shomā) sobhāné meekhoreen You eat breakfast (formal) (شُما) صُبحانِه می‌خورین How to Talk About Daily Routines
(shomā) sohbat kardeen You spoke (formal) (شُما) صُحبَت کَردین Review of Unit 3
(shomā) sohbat meekoneen You speak (formal) (شُما) صُحبَت می‌کُنین Review of Unit 3
shomā tā hasht khoodetoon-ō beresooneed ham khoob-é it's okay even if you come by eight شُما تا هَشت خودِتونو بِرِسونید هَم خوبِه A Separation, Part 1
(shomā) tamāshā kardeen You (all) watched (شُما) تَماشا کَردین Compound Verbs
(shomā) tamāshā meekoneen You (all) watch (شُما) تَماشا می‌کُنین Present Continuous Tense
(shomā) tamreen kardeen You (all) practiced (شُما) تَمرین کَردین Compound Verbs
(shomā) telephon kardeen you (formal) called (شُما) تِلِفُن کَردین Compound Verbs
shoo wash شو deevané shō: Rumi's deevané shō Part 4
shoo wash شو deevané shō: Rumi's deevané shō Part 5
shoonam dard meekoné my shoulder hurts شونم درد می‌کنه. More About Pain and Illness
shooné shoulder شانه How to Talk About Feeling Under the Weather and Pain, and Parts of the Body, Parts of the Body (Vocabulary Sprint)