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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
angosht finger Parts of the Body (Vocabulary Sprint)
angoshtar ring انگشتر Proposals, Marriages and Weddings
angoshtaré almās diamond ring انگشتر الماس Proposals, Marriages and Weddings
ānhā they آنها Review of Unit 2
(ānhā) deevooné hastan They are crazy (آنها) دیوونه هستن The verb ‘To Be’
(ānhā) deltang hastan They are heavy-hearted (آنها) دلتنگ هستن The verb ‘To Be’
(ānhā) hastand They are (آنها) هستند. The verb ‘To Be’
(ānhā) irānee hastan they are Iranian (آنها)‌ ایرانی هستن The verb ‘To Be’
(ānhā) khoshgel hastan they are pretty (آنها) خوشگل هستن The verb ‘To Be’
ānhā) khoshhāl hastan they are happy (آنها) خوشحال هستن The verb ‘To Be’
ān kalāghy ké pareed as farāzé saré mā va foroo raft dar andeesheyé āshoféeye abree velgard That crow which flew over our heads and descended into the disturbed thought of a vagabond cloud fathe bagh: Forough Farokhzad's fathe bagh Intro
arabee Arabic عربی How to Speak About the Languages You Know
ārām calm آرام Emotion (Vocabulary Sprint)
ārāyesh meekonam I do my makeup آرایش می‌کنم More about Daily Routines
āré yea آره How to Say Where You Live, and Answer Simple Questions
āree yes آری dar golestané: Sohrab Sepehri's dar golestané Part 2
āree, tā shaghāyegh hast, zendegee bāyad kard yes, while there are poppy flowers, one must live آری، تا شقایق هست، زندگی باید کرد. dar golestané: Sohrab Sepehri's dar golestané Intro
āré salām meeresoonan Yes, they say hello. آره سلام می‌رسونن The Etiquette for Talking on the Phone
aroos bride عروس Proposals, Marriages and Weddings
aroosee wedding Families (Vocabulary Sprint)