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Persian (phonetic) English Script Appears In
arabee Arabic عَرَبی How to Speak About the Languages You Know
ārām calm آرام Emotion (Vocabulary Sprint)
ārāyesh meekonam I do my makeup آرایِش می‌کُنَم More about Daily Routines
āré yea آرِه How to Say Where You Live, and Answer Simple Questions
āree yes آری dar golestané: Sohrab Sepehri's dar golestané Part 2
āree, tā shaghāyegh hast, zendegee bāyad kard yes, while there are poppy flowers, one must live آری، تا شقایق هست، زندگی باید کرد. dar golestané: Sohrab Sepehri's dar golestané Intro
āré salām meeresoonan Yes, they say hello. آرِه، سَلام می‌رِسونَن The Etiquette for Talking on the Phone
aroos bride عروس Proposals, Marriages and Weddings
aroosee wedding عروسی Families (Vocabulary Sprint)
aroosi wedding ceremony عروسی Proposals, Marriages and Weddings
arzoon cheap اَرزون How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors)
arzoonareen cheapest اَرزون‌تَرین How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors)
arzoontar cheaper اَرزون‌تَر How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors)
asabānee shod he/she became angry عَصَبانی شُد Compound Verbs
asabānee shodan getting angry عَصَبانی شُدَن Compound Verbs
asabāni boodan to be angry عصبانی بودن Telephoning and Other Structured Infinitives
asal honey عَسَل How to Talk More About Food and Specific Persian Meals, How to Discuss Breakfast, How to Talk About Love and Friendship
asb horse اَسب Animals (Vocabulary Sprint), raz: Ahmad Shamlou's raz Part 2
asb savāree horse back riding Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
āsheghā lovers عاشِقا deevané shō: Rumi's deevané shō Part 2